Could the Drake and Jennifer Lopez Coupledom Be Promo For a New Song?

The two were spotted kissing and grinding at a prom party.

By Jasmine Grant

Meet Drake and Jennifer Lopez: your Winter Wonderland King and Queen.

The rumored new couple were spotted partying it up at a Winter Wonderland-themed prom in L.A., presumably on the set of an upcoming video. Onlookers in the room grabbed footage of the J.Lo grinding up on Drizzy in a sequined mini-dress, singing along to a never before heard song (possibly their unreleased collaboration.) The two artists got up close and personal as they slow danced senior year style.
The prom set was complete with a live band, extras and the crowning of a Prom Queen and King, which ended up being (drumroll please)… Drake and J. Lo. Watch the pair dance the night away, snap a few couple flicks in the photo booth and accept their crown and sashes. Side note: at first glance, it looks like Drake steps on stage for a little blues duet with his adorable dad.
We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if all of this hoopla surrounding Drake and J. Lo was purely promotional for their upcoming single, but we’re still loving the idea of #DraLo being the new it couple of 2017.

Has anyone checked on Rihanna, tho?

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