Azealia Banks Confessing to Sacrificing Chickens is the Grande Finale of Bizarre 2016… We Hope

She's apparently a witch now.

It’s only right that we end the year with one more bizarre Azealia Banks incident. The contender for most L’s taken in 2016 has the Internet furious after she reportedly confessed to sacrificing chickens for three years. That’s right. Just when 2016 couldn’t get any better (sarcasm), the New York rapper has evolved from shading every celebrity in existence on social media to slaughtering animals. What a year.

In a video posted to Instagram, Banks reveals her difficulties of brujería (witchcraft) practices. “You know I gotta scrape all this sh-t up,” Banks said. “I got my sandblaster and my goggles. It’s about to go down.” Later in the Instagram story, Banks added: “Real witches do real things.” The video shows the mass sacrifice of chickens with dried blood and feathers covering the walls and floors of her closet.

Warning: The video below could be graphic to some.

Of course Twitter wasted little time blasting the “witch” on Twitter.