Soulja Boy Kicks Off 2017 Beefing With Chris Brown Over Karrueche

New year, same Instagram beefs.

We’re not even a week into 2017 and we already have a new beef on our hands. Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy. Don’t act so surprise. It all started after Soulja Boy liked an Instagram photo posted by Karrueche Tran (Brown’s ex-girlfriend/kryptonite), which is so 2016. C’mon guys. Chris allegedly threatened him over Facetime for liking said photo, which Soulja called him out for on Twitter late Monday (7/2) night.

Of course the R&B singer didn’t hold back his social media clap back and posted a video on Instagram calling the rapper a “snitch.” Last month, Soulja was arrested for violating his probation by carrying guns. He was released a day later. “You on probation for weapons and all that gangsta sh*t you talk about and you get out less than 24 hours later? You told!,” Chris accused.

Soulja Boy responded back with a video of his own featuring lot of tough guy threats and he also brought up Brown’s infamous assault of Rihanna.

Of course it was Breezy’s turn in the ongoing tit for tat, so he posted another video, this time asking Soulja Boy to meet him in the boxing ring if he’s serious about getting a “grown man ass whopping.” No more Twitter fingers, and no more Instagram videos. Hit the gym, put on some gloves and go a few rounds. It’s settled. Soulja Boy accepts the challenge in another video and requests boxer Adrien Broner to set up the match in a gym. Is this really happening?

From the looks of things C. Breezy is not about to let bygones be bygones. He apparently received several Facetime calls and messages from Soulja wanting to squash the beef. Of course Chris made a video about it.
A few minutes later, Chris posts his final video turning their Rocky vs. Apollo Creed style boxing match into a charity event. “We’re going to make sure all of the proceeds go to charities.” I guess this is really happening.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Orlando Brown somehow threw himself into this bizarre mess.

Welp, it’s 2017 and social media beefs have already turned into pay-per-view fight nights. What a year it’s going to be.

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