Samantha Calls Out Her Fake Friend On Instagram and Addresses Allegations That She Wants Mendeecees Back

Someone's had enough!

The reality-TV spotlight has been weighing heavy on Samantha and she finally took to Instagram to express just how much.

On tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop (1/9), we saw Samantha’s alleged best-friend Koko link up with Yandy to tell her about this plan Sam allegedly had with Erika to destroy the Harris family. This “friend” claimed to have several recordings of the two baby mamas plotting and scheming up different ways to make Yandy look funny in the light. In this week’s Check Yourself for the same episode, Erika and Samantha both say that Koko isn’t even Samantha’s real best friend.

Many fans have often wondered if the two ladies were pulling Yandy’s card out of pure jealousy. Tired of the accusations and the insinuations that all of this is about the mothers wanting Mendeecees back, Samantha took to Instagram to explain her reasoning behind everything and the real deal with her phony friend.

She posted this picture of herself, Erika, and Erika’s lawyer.
Samantha captioned,

My story has never been about a relationship or marriage. People always say “Why do you care so much about Yandy”? Well, because THIS drama has been brought about from her. She created this fairytale story with LIES. Where is the integrity in people now of days? Lying to keep the drama has always been a problem for me. The biggest problem I have is her co-conspiring with the father saying I wasn’t in my son’s life for eight years. Now, as a strong pro-women advocate, I would have never lied like that on her or any women for NO man. How people view me is BECAUSE of her. She controlled that. Yes, I am fortunate to have my son’s father be there in his life. But facts, I have ALWAYS paid my OWN bills and put myself through school while I took care of my son. I’m proud to say that! If you know anything about being a parent, juggling classes and working then you know how hard it is. So I’m not about to let anyone tell me what I haven’t done, when everything I do and have done is for my son. I’ve struggled as much as anybody. Nothing ever came easy for me. It’s sad when people attack you over false truths and think you’re supposed to take the highroad. It’s fckd up when people befriend you just to get a name on a blog. It’s even worse when you find out people who befriended you were only trying to help Yandy stop the truth from coming out. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Well, there ya have it, from Samantha.

In this week’s Check Yourself, Samantha says to call Koko her best friend is pure slander. Watch the clip below.

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