Brandy Quickly Put a Stop to Rumors That She Dislikes Beyoncé

The Bey Hive can chill, it's all love over here.

Brandy will not stand for any slander from former friends or anyone coming for her. Especially when it comes to mixing her name up in a feud with Beyoncé.

It all started when Brandy’s former songwriter and friend TC attempted to out the singer as a Queen Bey hater, taking up his grievances with the singer on social media. In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, TC blasted the actor/singer for allegedly making herself the victim in the celebrity feuds she’s been engaged in with other artists including Bey herself.
After receiving some heat (or realizing how messy he was being) TC decided to delete the accusatory tweets exposing Brandy. This shady dig, however, remains:

Though TC and Brandy appear to have kissed and made up, the Bey Hive isn’t so forgiving. Questions about the Beyoncé shade surely didn’t die down, so Brandy delivered a truthful and classy answer. In a post of the Brandy and Beyonce barbies posed side by side, the “Moesha” star set the record straight. “This is about truth. I love me some Bey and I love me some Solange. Now I’m done with it.”

Brandy also acknowledged Bey’s little sister Solange, who has honorably dragged music indie music critics on Brandy’s behalf when she received non-favorable reviews of her Two Eleven album.
We’re breathing a major sigh of relief that these divas are actually living in harmony.

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