Zaaamn! Blac Chyna is Post-Baby Snapback Body Goals in These New Modeling Photos

How did she do that?

-By Soraya Joseph

Blac Chyna just delivered her second child less than two months ago, but you can hardly tell from the amazing pictures she’s been sharing on social media. Somewhere between the 28-year-old’s hectic life as a mother and model, she has been killing it in more than a few photo shoots. Rocking everything from tomboy chic to old Hollywood glam, Chyna has been showing off her post-baby bod for the cameras as early as a few weeks after giving birth.

Let’s see how many ways mommy Chyna can slay.
Sheesh. It’s safe to say that when it comes to post-baby bodies, Blac Chyna does the damn glam thing!

At this rate, Blac Chyna may have to change her name to “Fine Chyna” soon.

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