Has Your Relationship Hit a Dead End? 5 Signs It May Be Time to Say Bye to Your Bae

You need to cut it!

-By Soraya Joseph

We’re just five days into 2017 and already we have a celebrity breakup for the books. Earlier today (January 5) Nicki Minaj confirmed she’s a single lady after breaking up with rapper Meek Mill. The couple had been together for nearly two years, but fans suspected trouble in paradise after a slew of not-so-subtle signs hinted at some bad blood brewing between the two.

Although neither party has yet to disclose the cause of their fallout, something tells us that between social media drama and beefs with exes, the signs to jump ship were there long before the split. With that being said, here are some signs to look out for that you may be in a dead-end relationship.

  • 1. If You Ain’t Get a Message, That’s a Message

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    They used to call you on your cell phone… and now they don’t. Are you in a “Local Long-Distance” relationship? You know, when you only live 20 minutes apart but hardly see or speak to one another? If your hotline hasn’t blinged in a hot minute, it may be time to send that relationship straight to hell voicemail. Granted, demanding work schedules can prove to be time conflicting, but they should never be restricting. Even Nicki and Meek made sense of their demanding schedules by touring together at one point in their relationship. If you feel your partner doesn’t prioritize time for dates, and can go weeks without seeing you, it’s time to leave.

  • 2. If Your Partner is a Subliminal Criminal

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    Twitter fingers turn to broken hearts. If you and your mate are grown, private matters should be handled privately. The energy that it takes to shade your partner in a tweet, post or status can be placed into a real conversation that can actually resolve the issue. Communication is a major key to a relationship’s success, and if you notice that your man or woman doesn’t have time to talk or text, but can tweet their “beef,” then you may be on the fast track to a dead end, my friend. Hit the breaks and bail.

  • 3. What About Your Friends?

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    We’re not saying bros before h*es or sisters before misters, because in some cases, your friend may be a player hater. However, in the case of Meek Mill vs. All of Nicki’s Friends (Drake, The Game, etc.), it’s not cool when your boo beefs with your buddies. If your partner is always petty with your posse, it may be a sign of insecurity on their part. Be aware of the signs when your man or woman has more to say about your friends than you do.

  • 4. The Ex-Factor

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    The “present,” is a gift right? So why are we talking about the past? In the beginning of the #Omeeka era, Meek Mill actually got into it with the mother of his child over a few pictures she liked of Safaree. Even Nicki was a little guilty of some shading when it came to moving past her former flame of 10 years. It’s hard to let go of an ex you loved, but if you and your boo are still worried about the past, it may be a sign that you both need more time to get over them, in order to better get in to each other.

  • 5. Gold-digger vs. Goal-Digger: Know the Difference


    If their skills don’t pay the bills, it’s time to get real. Listen, we all have dreams, and it’s okay to support the dreams of your partner. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t put in work the same way you do. Nothing is wrong with working 9 to 5, and grinding 5 to 9 towards their dream after they clockout of work. Also, it doesn’t make you a “gold-digger,” if you ditch your lazy lover, it just makes you a “goal-digger” who wants someone with a little more ambition.

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