These Reactions to Yahoo’s Major Typo Fail About Donald Trump’s Navy is Peak Black Twitter

Prepare to laugh.

Anyone who takes an L online best believe that Twitter is already exposing you before you take your next breath. Hashtags and memes will already be flooding timelines before you can even think of an escape plan. Sadly for Yahoo, today is their turn and Black Twitter is on it with an A-plus drag session.

The financial news website tweeted a story about President-elect Donald Trump’s desire to build a much bigger Navy. But instead of starting “bigger” with a “B,” the person responsible made the worst typo imaginable and clicked “N” (“B’s” neighbor on the keyboard). We shouldn’t have to type it out, you know what it says. Yahoo, of course, deleted the tweet ASAP and issued a follow up apology tweet, but it was far too late.

Twitter exploded with the hashtag #N-ggerNavy and the memes surely followed. Many have jumped on board poking fun at one of the worst typo’s of all time, including Trey Songz.

Other users are having a field day with the hashtag, which is already a contender for best Twitter reactions of 2017. Enjoy!

This typo is definitely a low for Yahoo but a high for the rest of us. See who else had the biggest highs and lows of 2016 as Vh1 staffers discuss in the video below.

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