Mahershala Ali’s Golden Globes Snub Leads to Hilarious Mean Tweets From Fans

"He was robbed!"

-By Soraya Joseph

The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards quickly turned Twitter into the “Golden Gloves” after what many felt was a snub towards actor Mahershala Ali. The Luke Cage actor was up for”Best Supporting Actor,” for his role as Juan in the critically acclaimed Moonlight. However, to fans dismay, the award went to actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson for his role in Nocturnal Animals.

Fans of Mahershala quickly hopped on Twitter to tweet their dismay, and let’s just say, they held nothing back as they let off a barrage of shots at both Aaron and the Globes.

Yikes! Unfortunately this was the only award Mahershala Ali was nominated for at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, so fans will have to either wait until next year or just place their hope in the Oscars (crosses fingers). However, congrats to Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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