Love & Hip Hop Check Yourself: Samantha Says Koko Is No Friend Of Hers, She Just Joined The Show To Spread Lies

"To say that b---h is my best friend is slander."

Lawd, somebody’s lying and according to Samantha in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop, it’s Koko. Samantha and Erika find it real funny how this “friend” conveniently pops up to tell Yandy of their alleged covert mission to destroy the Harris family. Yandy righfully gets disgusted, again, hearing about how these ladies apparently conspired like this. Erika gets real shady and says the only plan she had was to get Yandy’s teeth fixed at Samantha’s job, and now that she’s looking back on the scene, she thinks Koko could use some dental work, too (that wasn’t very nice). Samantha claims she has one best friend named Mecca, so Glen Koko better go!

In creepier news, Cisco realizes he was wrong in blocking Peter Gunz’ money. The man does have a lot of baby mothers and even more kids so even Cisco can see how grimy that was. Mariahlynn says what most people are thinking, the creep squad is acting more like the b—h squad. Stopping someone from getting paid? Where they do that at? Miss “Once Upon A Time” feels these boys should take some friendship lessons from Bianca, Cardi, and herself.

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