Drewski Tells Juelz and Cam’ron He’s Been Spying On Sky With A Hidden Camera in This Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek

"I don't know. Instead of playing FBI, Inspector Drewski, maybe he just need to sit down and talk to his girl and really find out what's bothering her."

In this Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, Juelz thinks Drewski’s moving wild. Trust is everything in a relationship and it’s seeming like Drewki and Sky don’t have that yet. He sets up a hidden camera and captures footage of her going through his phone while he’s in “the shower. Juelz jokes about wanting something like that for Kimbella but the wise man in him knows that’s a dumb idea. Without trust, the relationship might as well be nonexistent and even Killa Cam agrees. He and JuJu have a dope relationship and they wouldn’t have gotten that far without being friends first. Before Drew gets all Harriet the Spy, he should try to idk, talk to Sky so they can work through their issues.

Something tells me that addressing trust issues while breaking someone’s trust isn’t exactly the brightest idea. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c

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