Rita Ora Got In Her Feelings During This Week’s Elimination But Ashley Graham Shut Her Down

"I don't think it's fair. You can build someone's social brand."

Every elimination is dramatic and moving in its own way but this week’s America’s Next Top Model departure took everyone on an emotional roller coaster, including host Rita Ora. As Rita made her way from best photograph to worst, it became more and more clear that things were taking a turn into the unexpected.

As Rita got to the final three (Kyle, Krislian, and Giah) she began to fumble. “The next name were gonna call is…I think we’re making a mistake,” the British popstar says to the panel of Drew, Law, and supermodel Ashley Graham. “No. No, we’re not. We talked about it,” responds Ashley, holding her own, like, don’t flip the script, Reet. Law agrees, but Rita’s not hearing it and requests production stop. In whispers (could it be more dramatic?), Rita argues with the panel that you can build someone’s social brand but can you build them to be the kind of model and spokesperson that you want them to be? Seemingly, Rita didn’t think keeping beautiful but more Insta-model than runway model Krislian over bubbly southern fave Giah was fair but Ashley brushes it off with a “majority rules” shrug as only a supermodel could. In the end Giah was sent home despite her charisma and favor with the panel. Did the judges make a mistake, sending her home before Kyle and Krislian?

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