Amina Buddafly’s New Book, The Other Woman, Will Give You A Better Understanding Of Her Time on Love & Hip Hop

You'll definitely end this book with a better understanding of this love triangle.

Earlier this week (1/9), I had the pleasure of joining Amina Buddafly for the release of her book, The Other Woman. The intimate meet and greet at BKLYN Commons located in the heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn, included a listening session during which Amina beautifully sang two songs off her upcoming album Music In My Room. After her performance, she spoke to the audience about her inspiration behind writing this highly anticipated tell-all. I have to admit I was a bit surprised to see the man in the center of all the drama, Mr. Peter Gunz himself, step in to watch their daughter Cori while her mommy put on a stellar performance, and it was refreshing to see him supporting her, with no production cameras around.

Amina announced back in September that she was ready to tell her side of the story and she most certainly did with this autobiography. You might think the book’s title refers to herself, but throughout the book she often references “the other woman” and though she never says her name, but as fans we know she’s speaking of Tara Wallace. The book delves into other parts of Amina’s real life, from her upbringing to career anecdotes, but it’s the Love & Hip Hop of it that kept us hooked from page one.

Amina writes of growing up in a German household where her parents were together but unmarried. Fast forward to her move to the States, Amina struggled, along with her sisters, the earlier part of her life trying to make their career pop. Several deals with big-named labels fell through, ultimately causing the group once named Black Buddafly, to part ways. Amina’s twin sister, Jazz, moved back to Germany but Amina chose to stay behind.

As Amina describes the years of her early career, you get a sense that she was a bit naive in trusting the wrong people to elevate her platform. She speaks of a “situationship” she had with a man named Jay, one, like many of her other “situationships,” ended in heartbreak. His friend, Peter Gunz, was there to pick up broken Amina, which helps us kind of understand why she kept going back to him. Alone, in America with family overseas, and Peter was always there… it makes sense. Although his actions and his words often times didn’t coincide — and she realized that — something about Peter always drew her to him, which is what led to their marriage.

You remember when Amina made her first appearance of Love & Hip Hop.

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