Betsy Brandt Is Doing Big Things After Breaking Bad, But Here’s What She Thinks About a Spin-Off

The actress has a new movie out that will make you question how well you really know those close to you.

Breaking Bad was one of the most celebrated TV series of all-time. Betsy Brandt’s character, Marie, played a pivotal role in creating pockets of humor in the mostly dark and suspenseful tale of a suburban dad turned meth kingpin. Marie was frustrating and meddlesome as she was necessary. The seasoned actress who hails from Bay City, Michigan, has since appeared in the Michael J. Fox Show, Masters of Sex and the current CBS series Life In Pieces. Years after Breaking Bad came to a close, Betsy still credits the Vince Gilligan creation as a transformational chapter in her acting career. Her latest movie, Claire in Motion, will make all of us take stock of our closest relationships.

Betsy stars as Claire Hunger, a math professor and mother of one who’s husband, Paul, has mysteriously disappeared. Three weeks into the investigation, the police hit a dead end and Claire becomes the only one who still believes there’s hope for him to turn up again. Her search for Paul reveals troubling details of Paul’s life, including a secretive relationship with a beautiful yet manipulative graduate student that she had no idea about. As these truths come out, Claire questions how well she truly knew her husband, and for that matter, herself.

We spoke with Betsy, who let us in on who Claire really is and how her time spent on Breaking Bad reshaped the course of her career.

VH1: When you received the Claire in Motion script, what was your initial impression of your character?

Betsy Brandt: I think (Claire’s) not perfect, but she’s got a lot of dignity and I think she’s very graceful in a lot of ways…even when she’s feeling like she’s fumbling. I love that she was open to, and maybe not immediately, but open to discovering things about her life and about herself. She has to come to terms with realizing that everything she thought she knew for sure, it turns out she really didn’t know for sure. And then she goes further than that. One of the reasons I loved her is that she looks at herself and what she had to do with that resulting uncertainty. And then I loved her strength. She has this really, really quiet strength and I found it really interesting that it comes out in subtle ways. And she’s not the kind of person that loses it and wears her heart on her sleeve. It was really interesting for me to play.

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