We Desperately Need These TV Cliffhangers Answered ASAP

What's the next move for Barry Fouray?

2016 was a great year in TV. We balled our eyes out with big upsets and character losses in shows like Orange Is The New Black and How to Get Away With Murder. We’ve watched major betrayals in Empire, House of Cards and Girls. But most of all, we were left with burning questions and shocking moments that left us tangled up in our feelings.

In 2017, some of our favorite series are coming back with a purpose. For many of these fan favorites, the wait is almost over and our questions will be answered in upcoming season premieres. So what are we in for? Here’s a look at some of the cliffhangers we’re dying to be addressed this year.

Many spoilers ahead.

  • Will Daya pull the trigger in Orange Is The New Black?

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    Netflix’s most beloved series Orange Is the New Black left us with a giant question mark at the close of season 4. The passionate and lovable Poussey died at the hands of a reckless guard and erratic Lolly has been holed up in psych ward after taking the fall for the murdered guard. But the most remembered cliffhanger involved Daya getting hold of an officer’s gun during a prison revolt. Will Daya pull the trigger and end the abusive reign of these corrupt guards or will she think twice for her daughter’s sake?

  • Will Tariq succeed in taking down Empire?


    To no surprise, Empire fans were left with many cliffhangers at the midseason finale. Jamal is headed to rehab, Luscious expertly sabotaged Angelo’s campaign and Tariq is still hot on Empire’s tail. With Empire’s assets frozen and Shyne in cahoots with the FBI, this may be the moment where Luscious’ karma comes knocking. We’ll get our official confirmation when Empire makes its midseason return in March.

  • Will Lawrence and Issa get back together on Insecure?

    Issa and Lawrence’s relationship woes began long before her indiscretion with her ex David. But now that Issa’s affair is out in the open and Lawrence has officially vacated their apartment (and smashed Tasha), we’re wondering if there’s still hope for Lawrence and Issa to work it out, or if things between the once ambitious couple are too broken to repair. Insecure has been green lit for season 2 and is expected to premiere on July 23rd. Mark your calendars!

  • How much is Rihanna going to slay on Bates Motel?

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    Fans of the A&E series Bates Motel are in for a treat. Rihanna will be starring as Marion Crane, who was played by Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock‘s Psycho. We’ll see whether the people behind the A&E series have the guts to recreate the iconic shower scene, but the trailer gives us no indication of that. There’s sadly no sight of Rihanna in the official trailer, set entirely in the Bates’ household which Norman now occupies alone.

  • Is Quinn really dead on Homeland?

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    In season 6, several months after she thwarted a terrorist attack in Berlin, Carrie Mathison is living in New York where she’s begun working to provide aid to Muslims living in the U.S. The big unknown here revolves around Quinn. During the season 5 finale, it seemed as though Quinn, who suffered a major brain injury, was on the brink of death or Carrie was about to pull the plug. Either way, Quinn was too significant of a character for us to not have some sort of closure.

  • What terror are Frank and Claire Underwood about to stir up on House Of Cards?


    The season 4 finale of House of Cards created a certainty for us: Claire is just as dangerous and ruthless as Frank. They’re done trying to win the country’s heart, made clear by Frank letting the assassination of James Miller be broadcast around the world just to distract the world from a negative article published in the press. They’re out for blood, and will be back on our screens in March.

  • What will happen on Scandal now that Fitz is out of the White House?

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    Fitz is out, and his determined wife Mellie is now running for President. Olivia has appointed her lover Jake as her running mate to keep him from being taken down by her crazy father. Cyrus is running as Mellie’s opposing VP *sigh*. That was a lot, but it always is when Shonda Rhimes is in the mix. The big unknown is what’s going to happen with Fitz now that he’s out of the White House and will potentially be the First Husband?

  • Will Santos choose family over everything on Shades of Blue?

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    Detective Harlee Santos (played by Jennifer Lopez) had to make a tough choice in the season 1 finale of Shades of Blue. In a twist some may have seen coming, Santos reveals to her corrupt boss, Det. Wozniak, that she is the mole appointed by the FBI. Santos kills Miguel after he breaks into her home, and Wozniak turns himself into the FBI leaving some cash for Santos and her daughter to start over. So where will they go? We’re not sure, but the season 2 trailer reveals that something “frightening” will be coming for Santos in the new season.

  • Will Hannah and Jessa officially end their friendship on Girls?

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    Lena Dunham’s Brooklyn-based, millennial-focused comedy series Girls is coming up on its sixth and final season. By the looks of the trailer, things in this circle are about to shift. Hannah is taking a more grounded approach to her writing, while Marni is still in relationship limbo. Shoshanna is yearning for more meaningful friendships and the instability of Adam and Jessa’s love affair is getting harder for them to ignore. The burning question is, will Hannah ever be able to forgive Jessa for hooking up with Adam, or is this an irreparable hole in their friendship?

  • How will Fouray Management bounce back from internal drama on The Breaks?

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    Next month, we’ll get all the answers from The Breaks that left our jaws on the floor. Is Ahm about to blow up? Will DeeVee get his big break now that Fouray is digging his track? Speaking of, how will Nikki fare as Fouray’s new assistant? February can’t come fast enough.

  • Who killed Wes on How To Get Away With Murder?

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    This show stunned us all by killing off one of it’s lead characters during the midseason finale. Now that Wes has turned up dead, and we’re still in our feelings, we’ll hopefully get some closure and find out who did it when How to Get Away With Murder makes its return. Some old faces will come back into the fold including Annalise’s late husband, Sam, and her mother played by Cecily Tyson.

  • Will Daenerys and Jon Snow finally meet and join forces?

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    Queen Daenerys and her massive army are heading to King’s Landing with revenge on their mind. Jon Snow is gearing his troops up in the North to head south as well. He has some unfinished business to attend to and things will certainly get messy. Will Daenerys and Jon join forces and help us answer the burning questions surrounding their relationship. GOT will make its long awaited return this summer.

From Issa Rae to Donald Trump to Kanye and Kim, 2016 was full of many highs and lows.

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