Self Is Convinced Love & Hip Hop Done Turned Into A Soap Opera In This Week’s Check Yourself

"What's going on here gawd? This a soap opera? This the new Love & Hip Hop right here?"

And the academy award for Best Couple Performance in Love & Hip Hop goes to Cisco and Rich! In this week’s Check Yourself, Self and Peter recognize how dramatic the scene with Cisco and Rich was. The melodic piano playing timely in the background as the two creep squad brothers hugged really laid it on thick in the end there. Even though some found it ridiculous, Cisco says he’s just a sensitive guy and Rich is just happy he has his brother back.

Self doesn’t only think that scene was type corny, but Cisco snitching on Mariah’s situation was as well. Rich, Cisco, and Major Galore are all against Mariahlynn, Self only wants the two ladies to get along, and Peter is just wondering why he’s there at age 48.

And yes, we are too certain that there are plenty bald horses of out there. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!

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