Who Is Lalo Yunda, The Father of Melody’s Son on Black Ink Crew?

Two kindred spirits just so in sync!

Look’s like Melody’s newborn son, Kai, has some art running through his veins. On the season premiere of Black Ink Crew, fans were shocked to see Melody pregnant and ready to pop any second. She reveals the father of Kai is none other than the love of her life, and renowned tattoo artist Lalo Yunda. It turns out the two have a dope studio called House of Monkey Tattoo located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

According to his artist portfolio bio, Lalo was born in Colombia and has hustled very hard to be a top tier tattoo artist. He specializes in “magical realism, a style of tattooing that blends realism and the magic of fantasy in beautifully colorful work.”

Melody isn’t the only one with the reality TV bug. Lalo also appeared on Spike TV’s Ink Master: Redemption. In this clip, Lalo is “redeemed” after disappointing a client with a tattoo.

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