Beyoncé’s Real Life Choreographer Teaches the America’s Next Top Model Contestants a Routine in Next Week’s Sneak Peek

Chris Grant took a break from Bey for ANTM.

You know America’s Next Top Model is the real damn deal when they recruit the Beyoncé’s actual real life choreographer to teach the aspiring models a routine.

In a sneak peek for next week’s episode, Chris Grant, taking a wee break from Queen Bey’s Formation Tour, joins runway coach Stacey McKenzie to help the up-and-comers shake off their stiffness and really get in their bodies. Chris breaks it down, letting the novices know that if they break down choreography, it’s truly a series of model poses put together. Paige is hopeful that her past as a competitive dancer will give her the advantage but Tatiana thinks that Paige reads more Broadway. Meanwhile, India hopes her athletic background will help her in breaking out from the pack since her purple hair hasn’t helped much yet.

Who are you most excited to see try and dance with BEYONCÉ’S CHOREOGRAPHER? Find out what all the gals look like breaking it down on an all new America’s Next Top Model, next Monday at 10/9c.