Exit Interview: Law Gets All the Tea From the Eliminated Contestant, Especially Why Everyone’s Got Beef with Courtney

"Maybe [Courtney]'s just a b---h."

Panelist Law Roach is getting awfully good at grilling the ousted ladies from America’s Next Top Model and he’s back again with this week’s eliminated contestant to discuss her departure, the future of her career, and no doubt, to get to the bottom of why everyone is hating on Courtney.

In her final interview, a nervous Krislian Rodriquez opens up about being the shortest woman in the competition, constantly being labeled as “sexy” by the judges, and what the future holds beyond Instagram. Law really gets dishy with Krislian when the topic of Courtney comes up. Is Courtney’s social anxiety to blame for her tense relationships with the other ladies or as Law puts it: is she just a b—h?

You can rewatch Krislian’s elimination again in the highlight below.