Dirty Heads, The Griswolds + Broncho Treat Fans To Another Round Of Treehouse Sessions At Firefly Fest

Up-and-coming artists performed intimate acoustic sets in a rustic forrest setting.

Day 3 at Firefly Music Fest in Dover, Delaware: the flower-crowns were in bloom, the sun was shining (big time), the mud was (slightly) less muddy, and the Treehouse Sessions were in session! Presented by MixRadio, the series offers fans the chance to experience up-and-coming artists in the most personal way possible, while in the midst of a gorgeous secluded forrest clearing. Today, Dirty Heads, Broncho and the Griswolds treated fans to intimate acoustic sets. Well two of them were acoustic, but we’ll get to that…

Dirty Heads kicked things off, with their infectious blend of hip hop, ska and harmonies. The mix created the ideal summer BBQ soundtrack, custom built to make everyone feel alright. Lead singer Jared Watson greeted the sweaty Firefly-ites by stripping off his shirt, and soon a distinctly fragrant smoke was wafting through the trees. Is it possible to hotbox a forrest? Maybe. In any event, the guys got it started with “Your Love,” before spitting smooth harmony-soaked rhymes in the Goonies-themed “Sloth’s Revenge.” By the time they got to their closer, the title track to their 2014 album Sound of Change, they’d left the crowd singing and swaying in their wake.

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