Drinking Games to Get You Through the Super Bowl, Especially If You’re Not a Football Fan

You may also need a glass of water nearby.

Football season can be a drag if you’re not into sports but you’re dating a super fan. If you’re like us, you find other things to do that occupy your time during the big game so you’re not annoying the hell out of your significant other. No need to spend the day sending out subtweets this time around, we just made it a whole lot easier for you!

These drinking games will not only keep you entertained, but it’s guaranteed to have everyone feeling real nice by the end of the fourth quarter. Doesn’t matter if you’re a New England Patriots fan or a Atlanta Falcons fan, as long as you’re a booze fan, these drinking games will definitely get you through the Super Bowl!

  • Coin Tipsy Toss

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    At the start of the game, if your team wins the coin toss, take a shot. If your team loses the coin toss, you must down a drink in four seconds.

  • Down Time

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    For every down throughout the game, everyone must pour a drop of their drink in the magnum Superbowl cup-no matter what it is.

  • Getting Scmizzed Off Gis

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    Every time the screen cuts to Tom Brady’s beautiful wife, Gisele, take a cognac shot.

  • Doritos Waterfall

    Super Bowl is all about the commercials. For every time you see a Doritos commercial, everyone in the room must touch their nose. The last person to touch their nose must chug a beer for the duration of the next commercial.

  • Show-Boozy-Boat

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    If a player gets a penalty for showboating, all supporting fans of that team must take two shots of two different liquors (i.e. one whiskey shot + one vodka shot).

  • Birdie Sips

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    Every time the camera shows an aerial view of Houston, the whole room must sip their drink.

  • Touchdown and Out

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    When a team scores a touchdown, one of the fans on the opposing team is responsible for finishing the Magnum Super Bowl Cup before the start of the next play. If the person is unable to, they may opt to share the responsibility with a fellow fan. If the task isn’t completed by the start of the next play, each fan of the non-scoring team must all take a three shot penalty, touchdown team fan’s choice.

And, of course, if you don’t want to participate in any games or just want some dope recipes to make your party a hit, check out some delicious drink cocktails below! Remember, drink responsibly!