Waka Flocka Shows How He Really Feels About Donald Trump in the Dirtiest Way

Fans in attendance will never forget this.

We were all thinking it, but Waka Flocka actually did it.

During a concert at the Georgia Theatre Tuesday night (1/17), one (un)lucky fan thought his dreams were coming true when the Atlanta rapper pointed him out during the show. Waka spotted the fan wearing a Donald Trump jersey and insisted the fan pass the shirt up to the stage. “Throw that jersey up here, bro,” he says in a video from the show. “I f*ck with it, it’s a Trump jersey, right? Throw that sh*t up here.” The excited fan obviously gave his jersey up, but little did he know the rapper is an anti-Trump supporter. Mistakes were made.

As soon as Waka grabs the jersey he proceeds to pull his pants down, moon the crowd, and started wiping his dirty south with the jersey. Afterwards, he threw the defiled garment to the ground and shouted, “f*ck Donald Trump!” It’s safe to say, Waka Flocka won’t be at Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday. Watch the whole thing go down in the video below.

Embedded from cdnapisec.kaltura.com.