The Stuff People Are Saying About Donald Trump’s Inauguration Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Social media has a lot to say about our new POTUS.

Donald Trump’s inauguration is finally here and Twitter is going HAM. As the 45th President took his oath of office, Twitter fingers were heard around the world. With .gifs and memes flooding our timeline, users are reacting to today’s event in many ways. Some can’t get enough of Michelle Obama’s side-eye, while others shares their hilarious reactions to Trump’s speech. We’ve broke down the different types of tweets coming from the inauguration below. Enjoy!

The farewell Barack Obama tweets:

The Michelle Obama’s side-eye tweets:

The coming to grips with Trump as POTUS tweets:

Reactions to Trump’s speech:

It’s not too late to say goodbye to Obama. Watch as Love and Hip Hop stars say farewell in the video below.

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