Bonus Clip: Kimbella And Juelz Clash Over How Much Time He Spends In The Studio, But Bond Over Critiquing Yandy As A Manager

"That's why I'm a little angry with Yandy."

Kimbella doesn’t believe Juelz when he says he doesn’t have room for more of a work-life balance.

In this Love & Hip Hop bonus clip, Juelz asks Kimbella why she went to Yandy to get the scoop on his latest career moves when she can just hit him up instead. The conversation quickly turns into a disagreement about how much time Juelz spends in the studio. Kim says she needs help with the kids, but Juelz says that constantly grinding for a check is his way of doing his part.

Kim doesn’t understand how he can have so much unreleased music and still need to work all of the time. He explains that Yandy hasn’t been clear with him on how the money’s gonna come in, so he’s hesitant to release anything. Reminded that Juelz isn’t the only piece of the puzzle, she calms down and gives him a pep talk on how to get ish done with Yandy as his manager, but you can tell she’s secretly happy to know she’s not the only one with Yandy issues.

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