Mendeecees’ Mother Shares Her Two Cents on Yandy’s Baby Mama Drama, Says Erika and Samantha Are Doing The Most Trying to Prove a Point

"I just think at this point of life, these kids deserve happiness."

Judy Harris gots time tuhday and took to Instagram to say that Erika and Samantha need to let that hurt go for the sake of the kids. The mother of Mendeecees Harris shared a video to express just how much this situation not only pains her, but the children. She accuses Erika and Samantha of being petty by not allowing the kids to be together.
She says,

…this should’ve been addressed six years ago and way beyond the situation now. It’s so long ago, people done got married done had children, that moved on, that’s building houses, that got business. People done have a life so why didn’t they get a life in between all this that was going on?

After she basically subs the ish out the two ladies, she continues,

I have nothing to say bad about any of the baby mothers but what’s ridiculous is ridiculous. I just think that at this point in life, it’s about the kid’s joy and happiness. They were together, they love each other. Why snatch that away just to prove a point who you were to somebody. That’s crazy.

And in lovable Judy fashion, she signs off her video as she would a Facetime call with an, “alright, bye.”

Oh Judy. Welp, what do you think? Is Judy speaking facts or should she just let those ladies tell their side of the story?

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