Sneak Peek: Can the ANTM Contestants Keep Their Cool While They Model $10,000 Dresses for Jason Derulo

"You're just a *live* model."

The competition is in full throttle and in the next challenge the ladies are really getting an opportunity to put some money where their mouths are. In a sneak peek for an all new America’s Next Top Model, the aspiring models are thrown into one the most extravagant challenges yet. The ladies join Philipp Plein to serve as living artwork at his party to show off his latest couture collection. Philipp, alongside Drew and Law, let the ladies know that no one’s dress is under $10,000 so they better bring the glam because what they are wearing is rich, hunny. If they “win” the young women walk away with some serious swag, so there’s reason to go hard. The contestants jump into the competition head first but can they keep their composure when legit celebrities, like Jason Derulo, pop up to offer their criticism? Find out on all new America’s Next Top Model, Monday at 10/9c.