TIP May Still Have A Chance With Tiny Harris, She Says, “He Need To Come Back To Me”

You heard that TIP? You better go get yo' woman!

Seems like there’s hope for TIP Harris after all now that Tiny posted a video saying he needs to “come back” to her. We recently reported that Tiny Harris has filed for divorce from the Family Hustle star back in December, but it’s looking like she’s had a change of heart. In this Facebook live video captured by The Shade Room, Tiny reveals that TI still has a chance to make things right when asked a question by a fan.

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TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee Video Via: @iamatlien A couple of weeks ago Tiny Harris filed for divorce from T.I. but it looks like there may still be hope for the two! _________________________________ Relationships can be tough #Roommates but sometimes you have to walk away for the other person to see what they’re truly missing out on. Tiny recently appeared on Instagram Live and it looks like TIP may get another chance if he gets it together. _________________________________A fan asked Tiny about her relationship status, She said: _________________________________ “He need to come back to me, baby. He need to come on back to me… I’m where I’m supposed to be at!” _________________________________ #Roommates –Read more at TheShadeRoom.com

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She’s heard saying, “He need to come back to me, baby. He need to come on back to me. I’m where I’m [supposed] to be at.”

OOP! Well, OK Tiny! Back in December, TMZ reported Tiny filed for divorce from TIP last year after a series of public fallouts. Hopefully TIP and Tiny can resolve their issues so they can hustle as a family again.

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