Black Ink Crew: Chicago‘s Ryan Henry Passionately Addresses The Man Responsible for Murdering His Sister and Niece

Truly heartbreaking.

It’s been eight years since Ryan Henry lost his sister, Nova, and his niece to domestic violence and today (1/24) the pain still runs deep. The Black Ink Crew: Chicago star shared an emotional post via Instagram reproaching the man responsible for the death of Nova and her daughter. Today is the birthday of Fredrick Goings, the man who murdered Nova, and sadly for Ryan, this day is a reminder of the tragic events that led to his sister’s death. He shared a photo of Goings’ inmate status:

This is what 8 years of Rotting in your own Personal HELL looks like of 23 hours in a Cell and One hour out consistently in PROTECTIVE CUSTODY away from EVERYONE, like them real Killas who will eat you for breakfast. Happy Birthday to this lil BITCH…
Ladies I keep this story alive for the rest of my life because it could save your life…
After an abusive relationship and my sister broke up with him, TODAY, 8 years ago, he came by her house, Begging to come in to see her cuz it was His BIRTHDAY… how many times has that abusive guy asked to come back in and apologized?
then he Shot her and My Niece in the Head.
Just know that the shit doesn’t get any better, and you can walk away at the first sign. Cuz 8 years feels like yesterday to me seeing them look worst than any movie scene could Make up with props and fake blood. Maybe your God Forgives Him, I Don’t. That’s why it’s no Sun out today. ☁️

In the extended preview from season one of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Ryan speaks on how Nova was the one who motivated him to tattoo and eventually own 9Mag.

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