Who Rocked It Better: Cornrows vs. Baldies (’90s Edition)

Which look was your favorite?

The ’90s were known for many hairstyles throughout the decade. The most signature look being the flat top fade. Every generation has its list of trends—the ones that instantly transport you back in time when you see them. For us, its cornrows and the bald heads that give us that feeling of nostalgia.

It’s safe to say that Allen Iverson started the viral cornrow trend that would hit Y2k in full force (everyone you knew had braids.) When it comes to rocking the baldie, Michael Jordan is easily the first to come to mind as he took over the NBA and garnished the title as the G.O.A.T of basketball.

Both ballers are looked at as hairstyle pioneers, but they aren’t the only celebs known for the signature look. Check out more below, and swipe right for your favorites.

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