Hilary Duff Originally Thought Tinder Was Crazy and Not Normal

But then she broke down and started swiping.

If you don’t remember, Hilary Duff freaked everyone out a few months ago when she joined Tinder. However, in May, we learned that it was just research for the music video for her current single “Sparks.” Make no mistake, though, Hilary actually did go on Tinder dates with random guys. And even though she’s grown to love the now-ubiquitous dating app, she originally thought it was sketch AF. Can you blame her?

“A lot of my friends were on Tinder and going on dates and just treating this like it was something totally normal,” she told us. “And, to me, I’m like, ’This is not normal. This is crazy.’ Ya know?”

But her opinion soon changed when she got addicted to creeping dudes on her friend’s cell. “And then I got hooked on my friend’s phone one day sitting there, like, swiping,” she said. “And it was so entertaining and sucked me in so hard. And I was like, ’I’m ’gonna join Tinder.'”

That’s where the seed began. HilHil dished that she did see some normal guys on the app, which helped change her stance to pro-Tinder.

“It was entertaining for me to do something that people never would think I would do. But then I got on it [and] was like, ’This is fun.'”

Swipe away, Ms. Duff. There’s no shame in it whatsoever.