QUIZ: Can You Guess Which of These Classic Shows Are Originals vs. Spin-offs?

This is not as easy as you think.

We all have our handful of TV shows that hold a special place in our heart. You may be able to recite memorable lines with ease or quickly recall episode storylines with in the first 10 seconds of a rerun, but you might be surprised at a detail you forgot or didn’t even know. Do you know how many of your favorite TV shows were created as spin-offs of another show?

The latest series to jump on the spin-off train is the beloved ABC comedy Black-ish , which will be putting Yara Shahidi’s character Zoey, at the forefront of a new show that will chronicle her new journey to college. Producers of Black-ish said the spin-off felt like a natural fit and will be introduced as a backdoor pilot episode on Black-ish this spring.

Spin-offs are a tricky thing, because while there is a built-in fan base associated with the original series, they have the added pressure of living up to their parent show. A truly successful spin-off, however, is usually so well-written and casted that it takes on a life of it’s own and becomes a classic in its own right.

Though many of the shows we know and love have culminated a cult-like following, their origins may surprise you. Think you know which is which? Here’s a quiz that will blow away even master TV geeks.

VH1 staffers and pop culture experts take a look back at some of the most absurd moments in reality TV.

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