The Ladies of Love & Hip Hop Break Down Their Travel Essentials To Have You Looking Like A Baddie While On Vacay

Slay for vacay, ladies.

Vacation is always fun but packing for it is literally THEE WORST. Thankfully, the ladies of Love & Hip Hop got you. In this behind-the-scenes web exclusive, Cardi B, Hennessy, JuJu, and J.Adrienne break down the absolute suitcase essentials for your vacation or baecation prep. Yea, we know to pack the usual undies, deodorant, you know, the boring necessities but the ladies have the gems to turn you from basic to bomb while on the beach.

For JuJu, although the trip was a mere four days, three suitcases and a purse was what she needed so she can be beach ready everyday. Cardi B is not an over packer, hell, she barely packs anything, but Hennessy packed for two weeks even though the trip was less than one. It may seem like a lot, but more is more in this case, and if you want to have some IG modelesque pics that would have all of your followers jealous, take some notes because if anyone knows what you need to look dope on vacation, these ladies do.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for your little getaway.

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