Malia Obama Takes a Stance With Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Former First Daughter is against Donald Trump's plans to revive DAPL.

By Jasmine Washington

Former First Daughter Malia Obama is putting her first amendment right of protest to use.

The 18-year-old was spotted attending an Anti-Dakota Access Pipeline protest in response to current President, Donald Trump’s decision to renegotiate the terms of the DAPL project.

Obama joined Anti-DAPL advocate Shailene Woodley and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in an attempt to prevent the creation of the pipeline that could possibly contaminate the Sioux tribe’s water supply.

Obama’s father, former president Barack Obama enacted legislation blocking the creation of two pipeline developments.

A soon-to-be freshman at Harvard University, Obama was reportedly in town for the Sundance Film Festival. The former First Daughter nabbed a highly coveted internship with renowned film and studio executive Harvey Weinstein.

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