Has Drake Actually Ever Dated Anybody?

Which of his relationships were the real thing and which ones were just "Fake Love"?

It’s been several months since we were blessed with Drake’s latest project, More Life. He’s always been an open book about his various rendezvous with the most sought-after women in the industry, and with 22 more songs added to his catalogue, some little black book editions were imminent. Within the first minute and a half of the opening track, “Free Smoke,” Drizzy drops a tongue-in-cheek line about his most recently rumored fling, J. Lo, and that is just the beginning. This highly-anticipated playlist is the newest edition of Drake’s proclamations about the women that make up his love life. Everyone always adorns Drizzy at the helm of rappers who like to get in their feelings and openly express every emotion. Even though a lot of his lyrics are often heartfelt dedications to girls like Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree, Aubrey seems to be quite the serial dater in real life; Maybe he just falls for girls too quickly, or maybe he hasn’t really been with most of them for more than a date or two. Let’s explore all of the “relationships” Drake has had with some of his high-profile cohorts and find out which ones actually happened and which were Fake Love.

Watch VH1 staffers narrate Drake and Rihanna’s relationship timeline in the video below.

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