Sneak Peek: The Eliminated Contestants Return to the Competition on the Next America’s Next Top Model

Giah's all like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It wouldn’t be a reality series without a few twists and turns to keep the competitors on their toes. In a sneak peek for the next America’s Next Top Model, just as the up-and-coming models still in the competition start to get a little comfortable, the TV gods throw the eliminated ladies back into the house for a TBD reason, but effing with their heads is definitely one of them.

As Giah, Cherish, Tash, Krislian, Justine, Binta, and Kyle joyfully hang their portraits back on the wall and claim sleeping arrangements yet again, the remaining ladies couldn’t be more over it. Marissa is happy to see sorta-gf Kyle but she isn’t feeling all fourteen personalities under one roof again. As for Cody, she loves her twin but will Tash’s presence in the competition upset her mojo as she’s finally focused on her own personal journey?

Find out what happens when it’s a full house, again, on a brand new America’s Next Top Model on its new night Wednesday, February 1 at 10/9c.