Sneak Peek: A Lovesick Stevie J Has No Time to Help Tommie Lee with Her Music at the Moment

"If Stevie doesn't have time for me, I don't have time for him."

Tommie Lee is trying to get her music poppin’ but Stevie says he’s way too busy to help her crazy self in this Leave it to Stevie sneak peek. Tommie crashes Alexis’ video shoot to holla at Stevie about some issues she has. For one, she wants to know why Stevie has time for everyone else but her when it comes to making records. And two, she lets him know she’s been going through some issues now that she’s been accused of killing a dog. WHAT?!

Between Stevie’s relationship with Faith and his own business dealings, Stevie feels Tommie doesn’t need a producer, she needs a psychologist because there’s always something going on with her. When she tells him about the studio time she has, he informs her that he has a guys trip planned for that weekend to just clear his mind and not worry too much about Faith. She tells him that he’s wasting his time because Steebie will always be Steebie, and a guys getaway won’t change that.

Way to have faith, Tommie (no pun intended). Don’t miss an all new Leave it to Stevie, next Monday at 9/8c!

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