Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Muslim

You may be surprised by these faithful followers.

If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere peaceful and all chill, you’ve probably missed that the world in turmoil over President Donald Trump’s executive order that has affected Muslim refugees and immigrants. The law has put severe restrictions on anyone entering the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries and stirred bad vibes about an entire religion. The decision by Trump and his White House advisors has lead to chaos and airport protests throughout the country. Celebrities have been using their visibility to speak out on the discriminatory order and defend the rights of people who are being mistreated for practicing Islam.

Celebs from all religious backgrounds have stood up in opposition to President Trump’s actions, but do you know how many of your favorite stars are among the 1 billion Muslims in the world? The names run off like a who’s who, Dr. Oz, Zayn Malik, Lupe Fiasco and super model Iman are among the many celebs that practice Islam. Do you know how many of those celebs actually converted to Islam at some point in their life?

Check out some celebs that you may be surprised to learn have converted to Islam.

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