Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Momma Dee Gets What She Deserves

Momma Dee has no time for that church choir version of "I Deserve."

“When I heard the choir singing ’I Deserve’ I was, like, overwhelmed, but at the end of the day, that lady that sung in the choir, she couldn’t sing it like I sing it.”

That’s exactly why we love Momma Dee. She has no problem critiquing a church choir soloist for not singing a song as well as she can. In this week’s Check Yourself, she and Ernest re-live his surprise proposal at church and, yes, Momma Dee knocks someone else for singing her jam. But that’s not even the best part of this week’s clip. Joc and KD discuss her pregnancy test results and to watch Joc laugh throughout their intense scene is in stark contrast to KD’s reaction.