Nicki Minaj Breaks the Internet With An Epic Young Money Reunion Photo

The "Big 3" are back together!

It seems like Nicki Minaj and Drake have called a truce. Early Wednesday morning (Feb. 1) Nicki Minaj had fans jumping for joy on Instagram after posting two photos with her rap bros Lil Wayne and Drake.

According to TMZ, Drake is the reason all three reunited. After seeing Nicki and Wayne together on ESPN in early January, Drake linked up with label honcho Mack Maine to get the “family” back together. Mack quickly set up a meeting for the full Young Money roster that turned into a peace summit. Days later Drake and the “Big 3” finally came together after disconnecting for years. The photos Nicki posted were taken during that meeting.
Things got awkward between Drake and Minaj after their hit single “Truffle Butter” in 2014. Nicki’s boyfriend at the time, Meek Mill, called out Drake for having a ghost writer on Twitter. This beef would go on to branch off to diss records and many MANY memes for the next couple years. Nicki and Meek recently called it quits at the beginning of 2017 and that might have played a major role in the Young Money reunion.

There isn’t any news on future Young Money projects on the way, but one can hope.

As Drake mends his relationship with Nicki Minaj, take a look at his wild romantic timeline between him and Rihanna in the video below.

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