Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement Sent Twitter into a Wild Celebration

What better way to start off Black History Month?

As the world falls apart in the hands of Donald Trump, Beyoncé has swooped in and saved the day with a huge pregnancy announcement. The Queen mother of the Bey Hive took to Instagram to reveal that she’s having twins, and Twitter erupted in celebration. The social media app went from a dark timeline of protests and political arguments on the immigration ban to a beautiful celebration of gifs and memes as fans rejoice over the Carters expanding their family.

Some fans are sending thanks, some are prepping for the next generation of Destiny’s Child with Blue Ivy at the helm, while others think her pregnancy just saved America. Check out the reactions below.

How much does Beyoncé love the number 4? Watch as VH1 staffers get to the bottom of the lucky number in the video below.

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