Sneak Peek: Tension Turns Into An All-Out Fight At Black Ink And Tiffany Leaves With Sky’s Wig While Sky Leaves In An Ambulance

"Let this wig be a reminder not to f--k with me."

Tiffany Perez proves she’s about that life when she and Sky throw hands in this Black Ink Crew sneak peek.

Tiffany comes back to the shop because she has a client but Sky isn’t very happy to see her. When Sky gives a speech to the crew about working together as a team, Tiff presses her for hypocrisy, saying Sky doesn’t treat everyone like a teammate. Not trying to hear nothing, Sky gets down to nitty gritty and asks Tiffany if she just wants to get it poppin’ outside one time. Tiffany is ’bout it and doesn’t even wait until the two are outside to fight her. In the blink of an eye, the ladies are wrestling to the ground. Tiff walks away with Sky’s wig and it looks like Sky is in need of some stitches.

Poor Young Bae is sitting there like

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