These Are the Most Egregious Use of Fatsuits in Hollywood

Enough with those "hilarious" flashbacks that give you the heebie-jeebies.

Hollywood loves lauding a life of glitz and glamour but when it comes to telling stories about plus-sized characters, the community is often tone deaf. So many films, from Shallow Hal to Just Friends, throw a sterotypically beautiful actress or actor into a fatsuit for pure comic relief because that dichotomy of thin, gorgeous people making themselves larger is a hoot. Television hasn’t been much better. Friends showed viewers via flashbacks that Monica was once pleasantly plump, but not to inform her character, more for the visual a gag of ultra-thin Courteney Cox dancing in mom jeans filled out with latex foam.

Then there’s the matter of donning a fatsuit in the name of “journalism.” Tyra Banks famously sported prosthetics for her eponymous talk show to get to know what it’s like to be an overweight person, and TV personalities Melissa Gorga and Vanessa Minnillo followed in her footsteps.

So, what was Hollywood’s most horrifying use of a fatsuit? Vote below, and Hollywood, just say no, to the use of a fatsuit for nothing more than your yuk-yuks at the expense of a whole group of people. You can do better.