Proposals, Pregnancies, + “Husbandgers” Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 409

It's all about Momm Dee in this one though.

Mimi was finally speaking the truth, Sina was taking Joc in while KD dealt with her body, Momma Dee got asked a big question, and Kalenna and Tony got into it so bad that the eggs ended up on the floor.

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  • “Truth” bombs away

    Mimi answers the door to reveal a surprise visitor Stevie whom she finally is honest with about the sex tape.

  • Tony lectures Kalenna on multitasking (and this is what she’s doing)

    Tony and K get into it about him being out until all hours and him dropping her as a client.

  • Kalenna has had it. She breaks plates. She’s going to find a new husbanger.

  • Joc pulls a Sinbad

    Joc is Sina’s houseguest while he licks his wounds from his fight with Khadiyah. Don’t worry the didn’t do anything.

  • Ariane’s eyes tumble for Nikko

    Ariane “works” for Margeaux which, of course, makes no sense but she’s there and modeling.

  • It has something to do with skateboards and art but also her a– is painted

  • Margeaux’s really trying to bring “talk to the hand” back

    Mimi makes a not surprising cameo at Margeaux’s art show where she admits to Margeaux that she lied about the sex tape.

  • Ariane once again has to ask Mimi, why u dumb?

    Ariane overhears Mimi’s confession to Margeaux and is livid that Mimi has lied to her all this time.

  • Joseline is still milking all that “Stingy With My Kutty Kat” love

    Joseline performs at the opening of Kalenna and Tony’s club and brings back those plus signs on her boobies.

  • The face you make when someone asks you how Joseline’s performance was

    Rasheeda and Kirk offer relationship advice (for real?) to Kalenna who needs a new manager, possibly Deb Antney?

  • The meeting of the “husbandgers”

    Tony tells Stevie that Kalenna went off and broke a plate while she was making him his eggs!

  • When he pops the question but not at a wing joint

    In the middle of mass? Ernest steps to the alter to propose his love for Momma Dee and ask her to make it official, again.

  • Meanwhile, on Mars…

    Conveniently the choir at church knows “I Deserve” and backs up Momma Dee in “just one verse.” (She ain’t bad tho)

  • Also, NO.


  • Freako go cry cry

    Margeaux finally ends things with Nikko, says they should legally separate. Ok, BAI.

  • When you LOL at her “pregnancy scare”

    Joc legits laughs when KD says her body’s not right. I mean, at least, say you’re late, girl.

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