Magician Justin Flom and Tony the Tiger are Encouraging People Everywhere to Let Their Great Out

Spread the word on this gr-r-eat campaign!

The new Cinnamon Frosted Flakes truly tastes magical so it’s no wonder why renowned magician Justin Flom teamed up with Kellogg’s– more specifically Tony the Tiger– to spread the word on this gr-r-eat cereal!

Justin and Tony recently stopped by our office to share the deliciousness that is Cinnamon Frosted Flakes and to put on a little magic show for us. Why magic? Aside from the obvious enchantment of the cereal, Justin and Tony want to also inspire kids and adults to #LetYourGreatOut, a campaign designed to encourage all to share their best talents. For Justin that is obviously magic, but he wasn’t able to let his great out without a little push. We spoke with Justin after his very alluring and interesting show about how as a new father, he inspires others (including his newborn) through magic.

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