Meek Mill Addresses Rumors Linking Him to Burglary at Nicki Minaj’s House

The MMG rapper clears his name once and for all.

By Jasmine Washington

Meek Mill may be a lot of things, but a thief isn’t one of them.

The DC 4 rapper flexed on TMZ reporters when asked if he was involved with Nicki Minaj’s LA home being robbed of $200K worth of possessions earlier this week.

Showing off his iced out chains, Meek Mill said, “Do I look like I rob people?”

Meek continued, “I got about $450 on my neck, $80 on my wrist. Do it look like I rob people?”

Not only is Meek Mill shutting down robbery rumors, the rapper snapped, “You’re asking too many f—ing questions about my personal life,” when asked whether or not he’s spoken his ex after their split.

Check out Meek Mill’s chat with TMZ below:

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