Samantha and Erika Are Wondering WTF Kimbella Was Doing at Lil’ Mendeecees Birthday Party in This Week’s Check Yourself

"Well, why didn't you bring your kids here to bond with them?"

Lawd, Erika and Samantha are still trying to figure out why Kimbella popped up to a kid’s party she wasn’t invited to — with NO KIDS — in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop.

Like a palm tree over an awning, these women are shady when looking back at Lil Mendeecees birthday party. Right out of the gate, Yandy gives Samantha a backhanded compliment on “finally” throwing her son a birthday party. Samantha and Erika’s confusion about Kimbella comes in because not only was Yandy invited and not there, but Kimbella was not invited and showed with no gift and no kids. To baby mamas one and two, that looks sus seeing as how they don’t know Kimbella. What they do know is that Miss Still Pretty has been known for getting dragged and they blame Yandy for always putting her “pud” in the middle of some mess.

Although Erika and Samantha always talk tough to Yandy, Yan finds it convenient how Erika is taking s–t behind a glass and Samantha is running to her mother, Kim, for help the second trouble is around.

Meanwhile, Miracle asked Rich if he wants another child and Cisco and Self are praying this man says, “no,” but we all know he says, “yes.” Rich wasted no time getting that hotel room to reconnect with Miracle, leaving Cisco feeling like his friend went from being a part of the Creep Squad to just plain creepy.

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