K. Michelle Said She Could Spend the Rest of Her Life with Dr. Sims in the K.Michelle: My Life Finale

"I finally found a man who just loves me for me."

K. Michelle
has finally met the love of her life and we couldn’t be happier for her. In a highlight from the finale of K.Michelle: My Life, Dr. Sims flew far to surprise K with a special dinner at Puff and Petals. The place isn’t quite finished but K exits work mode to appreciate the effort her bae has made. She jokingly looks for an engagement ring in the food and although it’s not there, Kastan lets her know that marriage is a possibility. K shares her hopes to elope with him, then have twins, then wait for the kids to grow up so they could eventually be in their big wedding and Kastan adorably cosigns her plan.

It’s cute to see K finally so happy!

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