Is This The End Of An Era? Tara and Amina Both Declare They’re Done With Peter And Finally Hug It Out

"No matter what is going on between us... we have to make sure they get together."

The Lord is coming tomorrow, y’all!

Tara Wallace has been saying for seasons that she wants to make peace with Amina Buddafly, for the kids, and tonight it finally happened. In this Love & Hip Hop highlight, the two women in the infamous Peter Gunz love triangle come face to face and the outcome is surprisingly a calm one. Tara recognizes “the other woman” as a woman and sees that all of their bickering is doing no favors to their kids. No matter what the ladies are beefing over, their children are still siblings so at the end of the day, the drama needs to end. Amina agrees and the two even conclude that sometime in the future, they will look back at all of this mess and laugh about it. In the meantime, its all hugs for now. FI-NA-LLY!

Peter ultimately did something right when he had his family come together, if only Erika, Samantha, and Yandy could take a few notes?. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c!

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