Exit Interview: The Eliminated Contestant Says Tatiana and Courtney Should Definitely Not Win

"You have changed my whole idea of you!"

America’s Next Top Model said goodbye to yet another one of their own. Panelist Law Roach sat down with the most recently eliminated model to get all the details of her exit, the future of her modeling career, and shed a bit of her squeaky clean image.

Paige Mobley opens up about who she thinks should win and gets downright shady citing Tatiana and Courtney as prime examples of people who shouldn’t in her exit interview with Law. Paige also whips out a stellar Britney Spears’ impersonation and tells Law that her next dream is to appear on Dancing with the Stars. The end result: Paige totally changed Law’s perception of her and he wishes he could vote her back in the competition.

You can watch Paige’s departure in the highlight below.