QUIZ: Can You Match These Love and Hip Hop Stars to the Song They Produced?

Time to separate the real fans from the fakes.

The Grammys are right around the corner, and to celebrate music’s biggest night we’ve decided to test your knowledge. Your Love and Hip Hop knowledge. As you should know by now, the stars of the hit series made their mark in entertainment as hip hop and R&B musicians. Some have even produced a few of the biggest hits in the game like “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy and “Happy” by Ashanti. Your task is telling us who were the trackmasters behind the boards creating the sounds for these notable songs.

Check out our quiz below, and see if you can match each LAHH star to the song they helped create. It’s time to sort out the true die-hard fans from the rest.

For the Grammy Awards, we put together some cocktails suggestions in honor of some of our favorite nominated divas (Beyoncé, Adele, Rihanna) along with some drinking rules to get you through music’s biggest night.